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Professional Raleigh Lawncare Services & Treatments

Serving Raleigh and the Wake County area with 20+ years of professional lawncare services!

Lawn Treatments Provide Tremendous Benefits

When it comes to maintaining the health and well-being of your soil, the process of ongoing lawncare is necessary for beautiful lawns. Lawncare involves seasonal lawn treatment programs that can include soil checks, turf disease analysis, weed control, and lawn fertilizer. 

For over 20 years, GrassMaster of Wake County has understood that your lawn is something to be enjoyed. Serving over a thousand Raleigh lawncare clients, our expertise shines through in helping you achieve a beautiful lawn fast and efficiently. If you are looking to achieve a vibrant, healthy, disease-free lawn, GrassMaster can help.

With lots of lawncare experience, we know a lot about how Raleigh-area lawns grow and what it takes to achieve thick, healthy green grass. You can see the lawncare work we’ve accomplished for other clients.

We also understand not everyone has the time or experience to create and maintain a beautiful lawn that can be enjoyed year-round. That’s where GrassMaster of Wake County can help you. 

Giving You Back Your Day and Time... and a Beautiful Lawn!

We have a team of highly-technical lawn experts that understand lawn challenges in our area. They will analyze your soil and grass conditions and conduct lawn tests to deliver to you a comprehensive, custom lawncare program. Since every Raleigh lawn is different, you will get tailored lawncare services and treatments that will give your lawn a strong foundation maintaining healthy growth throughout the seasons. 

Some of our lawncare services include:
Lawn overseeding and aeration showing three different green lawns

Our Lawn Treatment Process

 At GrassMaster of Wake County, we realize that no lawn or homeowner is the same.  So, we don’t focus on a generic, “one-size-fits-all solution”.  Instead, we want to partner with you, to understand your goals, concerns, and vision for your lawn.  To help you accomplish a great lawn, we perform an initial analysis of your property, checking the following:
  • Condition of your grass
  • Soil condition and health
  • Yard use
  • Environmental constraints

After the inial analysis, we use our knowledge of Raleigh-area grasses and soil to put together a lawn plan that will create your perfect lawn. The plan will be reviewed with you so you have a complete picture of treatments and services.

Some of our focus areas include:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Year-round color
  • Drought resistance and soil conservation
  • Resiliency to children, pets, and foot traffic
  • Resistance to bugs and pests

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