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    Lawn Fertilizing in Raleigh and When to Fertilize

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    Customized Lawn Fertilizing Care For Your Type of Grass

    Raleigh fertilization schedules are unique in this area and must be carefully followed for best results for your grass type. Since we’ve been fertilizing Raleigh lawns for over 20 years, we’ve perfected the process. At GrassMaster of Wake County, we customize your lawn care program according to the type of grass you have. 

    In the Raleigh area, warm-season grasses make up about 70% of lawns. Cold-season grasses make up the other 30% of lawns. 

    Do you know what type of grass you have? No worries, we know Raleigh-area grass types and will help you identify your grass species and develop a fertilization program that will nourish and support your grass for perfect, year-round results.

    Why Lawns Need Good Year-Round Fertilizer Treatments

    A well-fed lawn is healthier, which means it has a better root system to combat heat, cold, drought, mowing, foot traffic, and other stresses. 

    One of the cornerstones of creating a well-fed lawn is lawn fertilization. Following a custom fertilization program for your lawn will yield the best results and provide you with a beautiful lawn in return. Custom fertilizing schedules are below for both warm and cold season grasses.

    Raleigh Lawn Fertilizing - WARM SEASON GRASS Treatment Program

    • January / February – Pre and post-emergent weed control
    • March / April – Pre and post-emergent weed control and fertilizer
    • May / JuneFertilizer and weed control
    • July – Fertilizer and weed control
    • August – Fertilizer and weed control
    • September / October – Pre-emergent weed control
    • November / December – Lime application

    Raleigh Lawn Fertilizing - COLD SEASON GRASS Treatment Program

    • January / February – Pre and post-emergent weed control and fertilizer
    • March – Pre and post-emergent weed control and fertilizer
    • April – Fertilizer and weed control
    • May / JuneRoot feed and weed control
    • July / August – Lime
    • September / October – Starter fertilizer (Aerate and seeding is extra upon request)
    • November / December – Winterizer fertilizer

    Have Healthier Grass with our Professional Lawn Fertilizing Program

    When it comes to lawn fertilizing services and landscaping needs in the Raleigh area, GrassMaster of Wake County utilizes two decades of experience and knowledge regarding fertilizing in the Raleigh area. 

    To help you create the lawn of your dreams, talk with us about our recommended year-round fertilizer schedule.

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