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    Serving Raleigh and the Wake County area with 20+ years of professional weed control services for your lawn!

    Why We Hate Lawn Weeds... Some Good Reasons for Weed Control

    A yard full of weeds is not only an eyesore, but in some areas of Wake County, weeds can lead to fines from your HOA. 

    Weeds also take up valuable soil space and use up valuable water and nutrients that prohibit the growth of plants you actually want to see. Overall, weeds make your entire property less attractive, ruin the landscaping you hoped for, and worse yet, weeds can decrease your home’s value. 

    Removing weeds from your lawn, especially if there are a lot, can be a very time consuming and difficult task. This is where GrassMaster of Wake County can help. We’ve been providing high-quality, professional weed control services in the Raleigh area since 2002.

    How to Get Rid of Weeds - The Best Weed Control for Raleigh Lawns

    At GrassMaster of Wake County, we take a holistic approach to weed and lawn management.

    By providing both pre-emergent and post-emergent maintenance, along with a full-service lawn maintenance program. Taking this approach prevents weeds from growing in the spring, as well as spreading throughout the summer months. 

    Our weed control application process is conducted by trained professionals and techs who apply high-quality weed prevention and control products through a safe and effective process. The weed-control formula is sprayed directly on the weed leaves. 

    Within a few days, weeds begin to die from leaf to root. After a week or two, the weeds are completely destroyed. The process of replacing weeds with a more luscious and thick lawn begins to take shape as other lawn maintenance activities are applied to your lawn.

    Raleigh lawncare services by GrassMaster of Wake County

    Weed Control Service Do's and Don'ts

    • Please be patient with the weed control process (these suckers are tough with deep root systems). To control weeds and completely remove them can take 2-3 weeks. With ongoing maintenance, you will be well on your way to a weed-free yard!
    • Avoid watering your lawn after the weed treatment has been applied. For best results, try not to water the weed-treated area until at least four or five hours have passed.
    • No walking, playing, or pet activity on the lawn until the weed control product is dry. We recommend waiting 24 hours to mow your lawn and allowing pets onto the grass. If you happen to get the product on your skin or pet, rinse the area for 15 minutes and thoroughly wash the area with soap and water.
    • For best results for weed control, it is advisable to maintain your lawn with regular upkeep regarding cutting, watering, fertilizing, seeding, and aration treatments. Keeping a regular lawn schedule will produce an amazing lawn you will definitely be proud of.

    Get Rid of Weeds with our Professional Weed Control Program

    When it comes to weed control services for your lawn and landscaping needs in the Raleigh area, GrassMaster of Wake County utilizes two decades of experience and knowledge regarding North Carolina weeds to help you create the lawn of your dreams. For an effective weed control program, we offer a free consultation and quote. Simply fill out the Contact Form, or give us a call 919-796-1633!

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