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Professional Raleigh Lawn Maintenance Services

Serving Raleigh and the Wake County area with over 20 years of professional lawn maintenance services!

Wait - I Thought Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance were the Same?

Many customers ask “What is the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance?” – there is a big difference!

The easiest way to explain the difference is to think about lawn care as the opportunity to understand the “health & feelings” of your lawn, whereas lawn maintenance concentrates on perfecting the “beauty and look” of your lawn and yard. Lawn care services involve the application of treatments so that grass can grow thick and strong. Lawn maintenance on the other hand includes the mowing and cleaning of your property. Do you now understand the difference?

Lawn Maintenance for the Perfect Lawn and Yard

Raleigh and Wake County enjoy the opportunity to experience all four seasons. At GrassMaster of Wake County, we’ve been maintaining lawns and yards for over 20 years – we know how seasons can impact your grass and yard and what to look out for to keep your yard looking great all year!

Whether your property needs regular clean-up during the fall and spring months or requires specific maintenance tasks to keep your yard looking well-manicured and pleasing to the eye, we can help. 

GrassMaster offers the following lawn maintenance services:

  • Regular lawn mowing
  • Trimming and edging of borders, driveways, walkways, patios, etc.
  • Weed-eating fence lines, ornamental trees/shrubs, and other landscape elements
  • Leaf blowing and grass removal 
  • Regular weed control
  • Pruning of trees, shrubs, and bushes
  • Cleaning up the yard in spring from winter debris
  • Cleaning up the yard in fall to remove trees and to prepare your lawn for winter
  • Repairing lawn and yard damage
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A Lawn Maintenance Schedule to Put You at Ease

You have a busy schedule, and time with family and friends is a top priority. Having to keep up with a well-maintained lawn and yard takes knowledge, effort, and discipline. Convenience is what GrassMaster of Wake County provides our customers. 

You can rest assured that throughout the seasons, your lawn and yard will get the attention and care it deserves to maintain vibrant health, beauty, and curb appeal. 

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