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Top Lawn Care Questions

At GrassMaster of Wake County, we ensure our customers get the best in service and delivery. With over 20 years of experience in the Raleigh area, we’ve been asked a lot of questions about what it takes to get a lovely lawn and impeccable landscaping. Below is a list of the most asked questions.

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Yes – get your soil tested by a professional lawn care company. A soil test will determine if your soil is lacking vital nutrients to support healthy grass and plant growth. A soil test can let you know what your PH levels are and whether lime needs to be added to your soil in the spring months. Knowing the PH of your soil is part of a well-balanced lawn care program

Pre-emergent is an herbicide that helps unwanted weeds and grass seeds from germinating and growing, especially crabgrass. For healthy, crabgrass-free lawns, it is vital to add a pre-emergent application during the spring before seeds begin to germinate. A good pre-emergent can last up to three months helping your lawn thrive to its full potential. Read more about pre-emergent (and post) best practices.

Fertilizer is a very important step in maintaining strong, healthy lawns. Think of fertilizer as a nutrient-rich food source that helps your lawn develop nice, healthy root systems. Typically, fertilizer applications are done in the fall time, but it can also be done in the spring with your spring lawn planning schedule.  TIP: When overseeding a lawn in the spring time, apply a slow-release fertilizer. Wait five weeks after grass seed germinates. Then, apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer. 

Aerating your lawn allows important nutrients, water and air to get deeper into the soil, especially in areas of your lawn where soil is very compacted. A great time to aerate your lawn is during the spring time before you begin overseeding your lawn. A good lawn aerating service is done with well-maintained, commercial machines that core holes that are close and typically 3/4 inches in depth.

Pre-emergent are effective for turning around crabgrass issues, but for effective weed control, you need to add a post-emergent. Post-emergent is an herbicide that is applied to weeds that have already sprouted and growing. Post-emergent is typically applied in the spring, as well as the fall, when weeds are actively growing. 

Having a winter seasonal lawn care plan will help your lawn and yard look its best for spring. Here are some winter seasonal lawn care ideas to consider:

  • Get your soil tested
  • Prune shrubs and trees
  • Remove leaves and yard debris
  • Trim ornamental vegetation and grasses

A good lawn care company can help maintain your yard during the winter and help you achieve a beautiful spring lawn and yard.

During the warm, spring season, your lawn will begin bursting with new, vibrant growth. Make sure to do the following during the spring to have a successful summer lawn:

  • Inspect and repair your irrigation system
  • Plant new shrubs and plants
  • Overseed your lawn with warm-season grass seed
  • Mow the lawn with the first cut
  • Add fertilizer to the lawn
  • Add mulch to help retain water over the summer
  • Maintain any hardscaping and structures

Read more about a good spring lawn care plan

In North Carolina, summers are hot and lawns can become dry. The following are tips to apply during the summer and early-fall months:

  • The important thing to do is maintain your lawn’s moisture at appropriate levels. DO NOT OVERWATER which will lead to root rot, fungus growth and unwanted pests.
  • Protect new plantings with a good mulch base
  • Observe plants that might be getting too much sun and move to more shaded areas.

Overall, there is more that goes into great lawn care. An effective lawn maintenance and lawn care program will help give your lawn what it needs to maintain its beauty and strength throughout the year. 

GrassMaster of Wake County has been in the Raleigh area over 20 years – we know a thing or two about lawn care and maintenance. 

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The first visit will be to learn more about your lawn care goals and better understand the current challenges facing your lawn and yard. The initial visit will most likely involve a soil test to determine the acidity and nutrient levels of your soil. The soil test will act as a guide in designing an effective lawn and yard care seasonal plan, as well as outline other important service needs for a healthy, beautiful lawn.

The overall goal is to make customers happy and to bring more enjoyment to their lawns and yards!

The easiest way to explain the difference is to think about lawn care as the opportunity to understand the “health & feelings” of your lawn, whereas lawn maintenance concentrates on perfecting the “beauty and look” of your lawn and yard. Lawn care services involve the application of treatments so that grass can grow thick and strong. Lawn maintenance on the other hand includes the mowing and cleaning of your property.