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    Why Top Dressing Your Lawn is so Important

    Healthy soil means strong and healthy, lush, green grass. Let’s talk about soil and what healthy lawn soil really is.

    Deep down, there is another world living in your soil complete with fungi, awesome bacteria, bugs, organic matter, minerals, and nutrients – all these elements combine together for strong, nutritional support for your plants and lawn. Healthy soil is also porous and “breathable” allowing water and air to move throughout soil contents.

    Over time, the soil gets depleted and “washed out” of valuable nutrients and organic matter. And within our Raleigh soil, there is an abundance of clay with weak topsoil structures. That is why we recommend for Wake County that you infuse your lawn with organic compost matter. Top dressing to the rescue!

    What is the Best Top Dressing for Raleigh Area Lawns?

    Top dressing is the process of applying a thin layer of compost evenly over your lawn. The organic top dressing material is small enough to work its way down to the base of your grass. Usually, a quarter-inch application will be enough and allow your grass to stand through the composted topsoil.

    Over time, the top dressing breaks down offering rich food to the fungi, bacteria, insects, and earthworms. Together, the super-healthy and rich biodiversity offers sustainable benefits to your lawn.

    Our 3-Step Top Dressing Program

    Step 1 – Core Aeration
    Our state-of-the-art core aeration machine provides great penetration and will open up your soil. We start off using our mechanical core aerator which removes plugs from your soil and leaves holes that water, air, and top-dressing soil can penetrate.

    Step 2 – Overseeding
    Next, we will overseed your lawn using our tall fescue grass seed, which will improve the density and appearance of your lawn, as well as fill in any bare spots that may exist.

    Step 3 – Lawn Top Dressing
    Finally, we apply organic topsoil to the lawn, which will work into your soil and also help level out any lumps or irregularities in your soil. Our rich, organic compost is applied to your lawn at a depth of 1/4″ to 1/2″.

    Lawn care for beginners when overseeding

    The Huge Benefits of Lawn Top Dressing

    Adding a compost-rich mixture to your lawn regularly will give your lawn the following added benefits:

    • Improving your overall soil structure
    • Leveling out uneven spots in your lawn
    • Reducing the need to add supplemental fertilizers
    • Improving drainage and drought resistance of your grass

    When Should Lawn Top Dressing Be Done?

    GrassMaster of Wake County recommends that fescue lawn aeration and top dressing be done in the early fall to be most effective in our climate.

    Warm-season lawn ( Bermuda, zoysia, and centipede) aeration and top dressing should be done in late spring once it turns green and the grass is actively growing.

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